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In 1990, the last Capuchin monks moved out of the monastery. The canton of Solothurn transferred the right of use to the established “Dornach Monastery Foundation”. It consists of members of the local community, the civic community, the Catholic and Protestant Reformed churches of Dornach, the Catholic Church of BL and the Friends of Dornach Monastery. On the occasion of the 500th anniversary of the Battle of Dornach, the canton handed over the deed of donation to the foundation on July 27, 1999.
The construction of the Capuchin monastery was made possible by an inheritance from Maria Magdalena von Roll. She bequeathed 6000 gulden for the foundation of a monastery in Dornach.

The blessing of the foundation stone took place on October 24, 1673. The whole construction lasted from 1674 to 1676. On July 16, 1676, four fathers and two brothers from different monasteries in Central Switzerland finally moved into the completed building.

In honor of Magdalena von Roll, a feast was held on July 22, 1676, which is still celebrated today – namely on the next weekend of July 22.

The Dornach Monastery Foundation, supported by the operational management of Berest AG and an internal management team, runs the multi-discipline operation. The honorary Board of Trustees is composed of members of the Dornach Residents’ and Citizens’ Community, the Catholic and Reformed Churches of Dornach, the Catholic Church of Baselland and the Friends of the Monastery Association.

Lorenz Altenbach, Dornach

Wanda Bürgin, Liestal
Thomas Kunz, Dornach
Hans Abt, Dornach
Heinz Müller, Dornach
Bernhard Meister, Dornach
Kevin Vögtli, Dornach
Daniel Müller, Dornach


Friends of Kloster Dornach is an association represented on the board of the Kloster Dornach Foundation. The association supports the foundation as the owner of the former Capuchin monastery in its efforts to preserve and care for the entire historical complex and its cultural assets. Advocating the continuation of the centuries-old ecclesiastical, social and cultural traditions of this institution, our association employs ecumenical spirit in contemporary form according to the motto: Our monastery – simple. The people at the center — open.

Hans Abt, Dornach

Hans Abt, Dornach

Freunde des Klosters Dornach
Postfach 411
4143 Dornach


Contact person

Aneta Franschak

Felix Terrier
Church Rector & Head of Church

Monika Gysin
Head of kitchen

Barbara van der Meulen
Head of Culture & Programming

Kristin Volkwardt
Operations assistant


Kloster Dornach

Kloster Dornach is easy to reach by public transport. From the SBB train station at Dornach-Arlesheim, you can reach us on foot in two minutes. Some parking spaces are available in the cloister courtyard.