FLUX/FLOW/FLUSS – Performance mit Claire Huguenin

Sonntag, 30. April 2023, 18.00 – 19.00 Uhr, Baumkapelle im Klostergarten

Kollekte, Apéro (aus organisatorischen Gründen freuen wir uns über eine Anmeldung unter info@klosterdornach.ch)

Frei nach Texten des Waadtländer Schriftstellers C.F. Ramuz lässt Claire Huguenin mittels improvisiertem Sprechgesang die universelle menschliche Erfahrung anhand von Beschreibungen entlang der Rhône erahnen.

Claire Huguenin *1982
Claire’s musical path has been winding along styles and venues in and out of Switzerland for close to 25 years as she already put her first pop single in heavy rotation on mainstream Swiss radios in 1998 at age 16. Her musical range goes from lead vocalist singing contemporary jazz at the Wigmore Hall, London, to conducting a 10-headed female brass band in the Swiss parliament, through free jazz & many pop-rock-prog-electro adventures including several radio hitting tunes.
Building upon classic piano & recorder, she initially developed her pop/rock songwriting, guitar playing and singing on her own as well as through extensive touring leading a teenage all-girl power pop band.
Born in a multi-ethnic familiy, and now mother of two sons aged 4 & 7, Claire dedicates her time between her musical collaborations and her substantial involvement in the creation & collective management of a sociocultural non-profit, artist-run center called La Maison-Matrice in the Bernese Jura.